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Journal Papers
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Application of L-moments and Bayesian inference for low flow regionalization in Sefidroud basin, Iran February 2014
Determination of water requirements of the Gavkhuni wetland, Iran: A hydrological approach November 2013
Trend Analysis of Temperature Parameters in Iran August 2012
Rainfall and Rainy days Trend in Iran June 2012
Probabilistic flood inundation mapping of ungauged rivers: Linking GIS Techniques and frequency analysis August 2012
Bioclimatic classification of Chahar-Mahal & Bakhtiari province using multivariate statistical methods Winter 2011
Monthly Runoff Estimation Using Artificial Neural Networks June 2009
Application of Peak Over Threshold Model for Seasonal Low Flow Variation Analysis (Case Study:Halilroud River) Winter 2009
Bioclimatic classification of Isfahan province using multivariate statistical methods October 2009
Analysis of MODIS Snow-Cover Map Changes During Missing Data Period Summer 2008
The Use of Time Series Modeling for the Determination of Rainfall Climates of Iran March 2007
Classification of Spatio-Temporal Pattern of Rainfall in Iran Using A Hierachical and Divisive Cluster Analysis Fall 2006
Conference Papers
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Trend analysis of rainfall and effect of it on water resources in Iran July 2009
The Determination of Regional Rainfall Climates of Iran based on Time Series Modeling November 2005
Climate variability in Arid region of Iran (Rainfall Data) October 2005
A Hierarchical and Divisive Cluster Analysis of Rainfall Spatio-Temporal Pattern of Iran November 205